IBM Lenovo 65 Watt AC Adapter

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IBM Lenovo ThinkPad 65 Watt AC Adapter

Part No: 42T4416 

Input:12 ~ 13.5VDC

Input Frequency:50 ~ 60Hz

Output Voltage:19V

Output Current:4.74A

Operation Temperature:0°C ~ +40°C

Storage Temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C


Compatible with:

C100 N100 N200 L410 L412 L510 L512 R60 R61 R61I R60E R400 R500 SL300 SL400 SL400C SL500 SL500C SL400 SL410 SL500 SL510 T60 T61 T400 T410 T410i T500 T510 V100 W500 X60 X61 X200 X201 X300 X301 Z60 Z61 



3000 C100  

3000 C200

3000 N200

3000 V200

Thinkpad E120

ThinkPad Edge

ThinkPad Edge 0196-3EB

ThinkPad Edge 11"

ThinkPad Edge 13"

ThinkPad Edge 15"

Thinkpad Edge E120

Thinkpad Edge E125

ThinkPad Edge E220s

ThinkPad Edge E420

ThinkPad Edge E520

ThinkPad L410

ThinkPad L412

ThinkPad L420

ThinkPad L421

ThinkPad L510

ThinkPad L512

ThinkPad L520

ThinkPad R400

ThinkPad R500

ThinkPad R52

ThinkPad R60

ThinkPad R60e

ThinkPad R61

ThinkPad R61e

ThinkPad R61i

ThinkPad SL300

ThinkPad SL400

ThinkPad SL410

ThinkPad SL410 2842

ThinkPad SL500

ThinkPad SL510

ThinkPad T400

ThinkPad T410

ThinkPad T410i

ThinkPad T410s

ThinkPad T410si

ThinkPad T420

ThinkPad T420i

ThinkPad T420s

ThinkPad T500

ThinkPad T510

ThinkPad T510i

ThinkPad T520

ThinkPad T60p

ThinkPad T61

ThinkPad W500

ThinkPad X100e

ThinkPad X120e

ThinkPad X200

ThinkPad X200s

ThinkPad X200t

ThinkPad X201

ThinkPad X201 Tablet

Thinkpad X201i

ThinkPad X201s

ThinkPad X201t

ThinkPad X220

ThinkPad X220 Tablet

ThinkPad X220t

ThinkPad X301

ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC

ThinkPad X60Tablet

ThinkPad X61

ThinkPad X61 Tablet

ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC

ThinkPad X61LS

ThinkPad X61s

ThinkPad Z60m

ThinkPad Z61e

ThinkPad Z61m

ThinkPad Z61p

ThinkPad Z61t


This Product - P/n: 42T4416 AC Adapter can replace the following part number:

LENOVO: 40Y7699 | 42T4416 | 42T4417 | 42T4420 | 92P1158 

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IBM Lenovo IBM Lenovo 65 Watt AC Adapter IBM Lenovo ThinkPad 65 Watt AC Adapter Part No: 42T4416  Input:12 ~ 13.5VDC Input Frequency:50 ~.. Category: Anvils Product #: 42T4416 0 stars, based on 0 reviews Regular price: Rs. 1,680.00 $Rs. 1,680.00 Available from: Penta IT Services Condition: excellent condition 2 - 3 Days
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